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Wills and Trusts

Raijman Law offers a full range of services in estate planning and probate law matters.  We work directly with our clients, their accountants and financial planners to assist in identifying and addressing all of the clients’ estate planning needs.  We prepare estate plans of different types and complexity, depending on the size of estates.  Wills and trusts, durable powers of attorney, and advance medical directives, including living wills and powers of attorney for health care and for business.  We carefully draft to address each client's unique circumstances and to accomplish the client’s identified estate planning goals.  Estate planning includes, not only, disposition of assets following death, but also planning related to accumulation, preservation, and use, enjoyment and disposition of assets during one's life.  We assist clients in structuring their ownership of assets for asset protection purposes, insurance, retirement and investment planning.

Raijman Law also drafts trust instruments and counsels clients in the transfer of assets into a trust, the interpretation or modification of trusts, the termination of trusts, and the appointment and resignation of trustees.  Raijman Law also carefully explains to clients the creditors' claim process to maximize the protection of assets.

Wills and Trusts